Cooking Class

experience the culture through its cuisine

The Hill Station offer cooking classes in two of Vietnam’s most unique and diverse culinary regions: Sapa and Hoi An.


The one of a kind cooking class in Sapa gives a taste of the unique and well preserved cuisine of the Black H’mong ethnic group of the area. Cooking classes are carried out in our Signature Restaurant, is conducted by an English speaking H’Mong chef and includes a trip to the local market.

An chance to sample the century old cooking methods of Vietnam’s mountainous Northern region.

Hoi An:

The cooking class in Hoi An offers a completely different perspective on Vietnamese cuisine with its focus on seafood, elegant presentation and clear taste.

The cooking classes are conducted at the second floor of our history building in Hoi An town, includes a market trip and is carried out by a local chef from the area.

Sapa + Hoi An:

Book a cooking class in both locations to enjoy a special offer and fascinating insight into the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine.

Please contact us with your inquiry or request to receive detailed information about our cooking classes
or let us work out a unique experience based on your wishes.